BCH Extrusion Line

Sweet Candy Factory sour belts & licorice are manufactured by BCH extrusion line imported from the UK, which is a world-wide reputation manufacturer of high-quality process systems for the confectionery industry.

Advantages of sour belts and licorice manufactured by BCH extrusion line:

Superior Texture and Flavor

Auto steam pressure control cooker
A batch of continuous cooked raw material will be automatically weighed and mixed in the slurry stainless steel mixer at a preset temperature and moisture content, power, and speed selected to match product and process make sure the flavor is delicious and stable.
Cooling Tunnels & Process Conveyors
Originally hygienic designed for the specialist high temperature and rapid cooling requirements of extruded sour belts and licorice confections, making the texture of products chewier.

Large Production Capacity

The BCH Production Line is manufactured with different diameter screws to achieve throughputs of at least 1,500 kg/hr via a side flow die configuration.

4 Color 4 Flavor Extruders

The process begins with a neutral cooked raw material being fed into a high pressure, low shear extruder. The raw material is split into 4 channels, each of which can be individually colored and flavored.

Customizable Product Size

BCH offer Standard, Automatic, High Speed and Ultrasonic Cut Guillotines to maximise the flexibility length of sour belts or licorice products. Displaceable modular die set can offer customers adjustable thickness or diameter of the product.

Professional Confectionery Guillotines

The Guillotines are specially designed to cut both soft and sticky products without adhering to the blade and with a minimal crumbling of product.